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Re: Laughing Dove

Posted by Stacy and I am laughing HYSTARICLY on 5/30/05
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    It is the way a male shows off that "this" is his territory,
    as well. My doves will do it if they see another dove, and my
    females do it when they see my male cockatiel. Don't ask me
    why, but I beleive they see it as a threat to the nest.

    Females do it as a responce to the "bow coo", a dance the
    male does to show he worships the ground she walks on to get
    her attention.

    It depends on how they are looking at you to determain the
    meaning of it. If they are looking straight forward, it
    usually means they are trying to get your attention. If it is
    to the side, they are just responding to what sounded like an
    invitaion, or giving an invitaion to start the breeding
    process. If they are startled, it is to ward off intruders,
    or to call for the flock to sound off. If they do it when you
    put them down, it is almost like a "I got the better of you",
    kind of an antaginistic call.

    It has so many meanings, but overall, the more verbal the
    dove, the happier it is. It beleives it is truly "accepted"
    into the flock of humans.

    On 5/26/05, Deb Nelson wrote:
    > Does anyones else have a laughing dove. My ringneck does
    > this evil sounding laugh. The first time my daughter heard
    > it she cried because she thought someone was in the house.
    > Now it is just funny. I emailed a guy in England asking
    > him about it and said that it was the sign of a happy
    > dove. And that mine seemed to be very vocal was probably a
    > male. I hope to find a female because I don't want him to
    > be lonely.
    > Oh, and I didn't give $600 dollars for him either!!
    > Deb