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Re: Does anyone know where to purchase an oriole?

Posted by Julie on 5/31/05
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    It is federally protected under the migratory bird act. It is
    illegal to have one without proper permits and I believe they
    have to be non releasable to have even with permitting and have
    a purpose other then a pet. You would have to contact your
    state's Fish and Wildlife Commision for information

    On 5/30/05, Stacy wrote:
    > I have no clue. being that they are the symbol bird of a
    > state or two, I would assume they would be fedrally protected-
    > here in Michigan, it is illigal to own a robin or even
    > disturb a robins nest.
    > To thell you the truth, I do not beleive you can own one, but
    > I could be wrong.
    > On 5/28/05, joe wrote:
    >> Does anyone have an oriole or know where to find one?