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Re: How come I am having such an issue?

Posted by Robin P. on 6/13/05
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    On 6/12/05, Stacy wrote:
    > Well, befor I received my tangerine dove, I was aware she
    > had just laid a soft-shelled egg. This was over 2 months
    > ago. Since then, she has layed two more, one each time and
    > about 4 weeks apart, which have been so brittle she busted
    > them both by just sitting on them.
    > I have cuttlebone available, every other day I give all my
    > birds scrammbled eggs spiked with liquid calcium, they chew
    > on kale, most of their diet are seeds, birdie bread, and I
    > add extra calcium to the water.
    > What am I doing wrong? None of the other eggs are like
    > that...

    I don't think you're doing anything wrong,per se,but you
    should give her more of a break.It takes about 6 months or
    more for their systems to get back in breeding-fitness,so you
    ought to take the nest,give her that much of a break,and keep
    up with the calcium the entire time.There could be something
    else wrong with her,she may not be able to lay properly.I had
    a tiel that always laid rubbery eggs,after 4 tries in 3 years
    I gave up and retired her.She was an older bird as well,that
    makes a difference too,too old or too young,bad eggs.