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Re: How come I am having such an issue?

Posted by Michael L on 6/13/05
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    On 6/13/05, Robin P. wrote:

    > I don't think you're doing anything wrong,per se,but you
    > should give her more of a break.It takes about 6 months or
    > more for their systems to get back in breeding-fitness,so you
    > ought to take the nest,give her that much of a break,and keep
    > up with the calcium the entire time.There could be something
    > else wrong with her,she may not be able to lay properly.I had
    > a tiel that always laid rubbery eggs,after 4 tries in 3 years
    > I gave up and retired her.She was an older bird as well,that
    > makes a difference too,too old or too young,bad eggs.

    Robin is right that there is a period of recouperation for a
    hen to return to normal.
    Another thing with calcium, and the body's ability to absorb
    it, is that calcium requires Vitamin D along with Magnesium and
    Phosphorus to allow the system to benefit from it. Without
    sunlight or a full spectrum light, calcium will pass from the
    body before it is absorbed.
    That's one reason I find liquid calcium to work more
    Hope she comes around before she starts to lay again.

    Michael L