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Re: How come I am having such an issue? More detail

Posted by Stacy on 6/13/05
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    No... I can't get her to stop. I pulled the nest, so she has been
    laying them on the bars, the eggs are so brittle you can hardly
    pick the shells up- they are not rubbery. I even left the last
    one on the cage bottom, thinking she would get it out of her
    system, and just a couple days ago, she laid another one on the
    other side of the cage, ignoring the one she laid about four
    weeks ago. She is not even being housed with a male. She just
    will not stop laying. Grace-period or not, she is laying like
    crazy. She is within the area of a window- where for about two
    hours there is direct sunlight within the last half of the cage.

    Let's start from the begining:
    When I bought her, she had already laid a bad egg. It was cracked
    open. I brought it home with me, the nest and her. I put her in
    the cage with the nest and the bad egg. She happily sat on the
    egg, then a week or so later she laid another, outside the nest,
    on the cage bars. I pulled the nest. I knew it wouldn't be good-
    she has not seen a male in a very long time. She never laid for
    the gentleman who had her before, and he bought her at two; in
    fact, she beat up on the males.

    So, I left the egg in the cage for four weeks, hoping it would
    pop her out of it. It didn't work. She laid another one, where he
    nest used to be, on the cage bars.