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Re: How come I am having such an issue? More detail

Posted by Kristen on 7/28/05
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    Well, it's been a month, is she still laying?

    On 6/23/05, Stacy wrote:
    > That would be all fine and dandy, if I wanted her to lay. I moved her
    > to a differnt room, all but the front of the cage is covered, she has
    > plenty of light- but is between two windows so she doesn't get hit
    > with the light. She just laid another egg, right next to the other
    > egg I left in the cage for her to lay on. Neither are fertile. It is
    > really bothering me.
    > I want her to STOP laying.
    > On 6/21/05, Kristen wrote:
    >> If she is in front of a window, all she is benefitting from is
    >> light unless the window is open...unless you have a special type of
    >> window pane, they typically filter out the uv light so your bird
    >> does not benefit from the sun at all. I had a tiel that did that
    >> and she wasn't even a breeder, she just liked laying eggs and she
    >> did it for about 6 months, then just stopped and never did it again.
    >> Good Luck,
    >> Kristen
    >> On 6/13/05, Stacy wrote:
    >>> No... I can't get her to stop. I pulled the nest, so she has been
    >>> laying them on the bars, the eggs are so brittle you can hardly
    >>> pick the shells up- they are not rubbery. I even left the last
    >>> one on the cage bottom, thinking she would get it out of her
    >>> system, and just a couple days ago, she laid another one on the
    >>> other side of the cage, ignoring the one she laid about four
    >>> weeks ago. She is not even being housed with a male. She just
    >>> will not stop laying. Grace-period or not, she is laying like
    >>> crazy. She is within the area of a window- where for about two
    >>> hours there is direct sunlight within the last half of the cage.
    >>> Let's start from the begining:
    >>> When I bought her, she had already laid a bad egg. It was cracked
    >>> open. I brought it home with me, the nest and her. I put her in
    >>> the cage with the nest and the bad egg. She happily sat on the
    >>> egg, then a week or so later she laid another, outside the nest,
    >>> on the cage bars. I pulled the nest. I knew it wouldn't be good-
    >>> she has not seen a male in a very long time. She never laid for
    >>> the gentleman who had her before, and he bought her at two; in
    >>> fact, she beat up on the males.
    >>> So, I left the egg in the cage for four weeks, hoping it would
    >>> pop her out of it. It didn't work. She laid another one, where he
    >>> nest used to be, on the cage bars.