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Re: how long does canary eggs take to hatch

Posted by zeinab on 6/18/08
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    On 9/15/05, Maria wrote:
    > I have a female canary hatching an egg, the male died a
    > few days ago, and she is always on her nest with her egg.
    > how long will it take and how should I deal with it. its
    > the first time i have canaries with egg here.

    hi, i have had canaries all my life and my female constantly
    lays eggs. It takes 2 weeks to hatch and 3 weeks before the
    can eat on their own and leave the nest. After they leave
    parents start to feed them and they slowely learn how to
    if your eggs dont hatch after 3 weeks then they arent
    fertilized and need to be thrown out and removed from the