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Re: how long does canary eggs take to hatch

Posted by saad on 7/27/06
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    On 9/15/05, Maria wrote:
    > I have a female canary hatching an egg, the male died a
    > few days ago, and she is always on her nest with her egg.
    > how long will it take and how should I deal with it. its
    > the first time i have canaries with egg here.

    you dont have to worry about the male bieng dead. the eggs
    will take 15 days to hatch. usually the female will take
    care of the eggs and is capable of taking care of them , if
    the eggs hatch give them a half boiled egg every 3 days and
    apple slices everyday and every 3 days lettuce or parsley.
    do not buy a male canary to replace the other one until 40
    days then seperate the babies in another cage and put the
    male and female together then. because if u bring a male the
    femal will leave the babies alone and go with the male once
    it hears the male sing. dood luck