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Re: keeping softbills in large tanks?

Posted by ZaxNeon on 6/12/07
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    On 5/09/07, Jq wrote:
    > Is it possible to breed a pair of tanagers or honney
    > creepers in a large, planted, glass tank? If so, does
    > anyone have any reccomondations for what to plant in the
    > tank?
    Dude, not cool. If they're at all flight capable there is
    potential for them to run into the glass walls. Also the air
    circulation and temperatures are going to be all screwed up.
    And finally, it's a nice thought to give them plants, but if
    you're not very careful and knowledgable you could
    accidentally put somthing poisonous in there with them.
    Please just use a cage and save the tanks for fish and reptiles.