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Re: baby canaries:

Posted by Bob on 6/29/07
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    On 6/29/07, stefani wrote:
    > this is my first time owning a pair of pet canaries. The
    > female laid her eggs, she sat on them but im worried if i
    > check them she wont want to take care of them anymore. She
    > threw one egg out but i'm not sure if it is only the egg
    > shell. Help. Also i think the babys hatched but the female
    > is off of the nest for a period of time and then goes back
    > to sit on them is that normal. Should she still sit on the
    > babys after they have hatched or does she not, only feed
    > them?

    Well another unprepared breeder is at it again.
    What ARE you feeding the parents so that they can feed the