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Re: baby canaries:

Posted by what about Bob on 9/05/07
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    On 9/04/07, Bob wrote:
    > On 9/04/07, Libby wrote:
    >> Stefani, I totally agree with you. What a rude, unhelpful and
    >> uncalled for comment by Bob. I could hardly believe that
    >> response. Sort of like a kick in the stomach. Too bad there are
    >> people like that on sites like this. I was looking at sites for
    >> my friend who has her first baby canary and was worried the mom
    >> wasn't feeding it. I found, on another site, they won't feed the
    >> baby until the next day, as there is enough yolk food in the
    >> chicks tummy for the first day. She was very relieved. Hope all
    >> went well with your babies.
    > The babies died and you missed the funeral.

    Bob is a sad, sad troll.
    So what?
    The only way this pathetic shell of a man
    Can get his ego boost is to slam others.
    Why would anyone care what a fool like him has to say?
    Look at any of his posts, there is nothing but trash.
    He is about as useful as an empty shell!