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Re: White Crested Laughing Thrush

Posted by Tom on 8/14/07
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    On 7/16/07, Conor wrote:
    > I am looking for male white crested laughing thrushes.I
    > have three females and would like to purchase or trade for
    > males.
    > Thanks
    > Conor
    Conor. I have not kept white crested laughing thrushes for
    a few years due to poor aviary potential in other houses. I
    have recently moved and built big aviaries in which I want
    to keep favourite species. They top the list for me. Giant
    yuhinas. I have red billed blue pie, magpie jays and white
    tailed jays but desparate for wclts. If you ever consider
    parting with any please let me know. I could buy or exchange
    pekins or yuhinas or zosterops. Tom.