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Re: Help--My Canary keeps chewing/biting one leg

Posted by Sandpiper on 1/08/10
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    Thank you for the reply GreenLady. I guess I will have to try
    it, although I am frightened at the thought of catching and
    holding him, especially once a day! For this reason I have
    been putting off trying to trim his nails (by the way, can I
    do that with an ordinary nail clipper?).

    Thanks for the tip on the water. I thought distilled was
    best. I will get him some spring water. I have wondered if I
    should buy vitamins to add to his water, but I have not done
    so because he seems so very healthy.

    On 1/08/10, GreenLady wrote:
    > Sandpiper it sounds as if your canary may be experiencing
    > mites, which is common for canaries. He doesn't have to be
    > around other birds to contract them.
    > Take a small amount of mineral oil or petroleum jelly
    > (Vaseline) and massage it into the skin of his legs and feet.
    > If they are mites, this will help suffocate and kill them
    > safely. Be very careful to keep either of these products
    > of his feathers as they will cause the feathers to get oily
    > and you will have to hand wash him should this happen.
    > Apply this daily for about a week and you should see marked
    > improvement in his legs both with the redness and picking.
    > Another point I would like to suggest is that distilled
    > is not really good for any bird as it has everything removed
    > from it including minerals. Your bird would do better with
    > spring water or purified water. Other than that, his diet
    > sounds very good.
    > Good luck to you.
    > On 1/08/10, Sandpiper wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I need help/advice for my canary. I purchased him from
    >> Petco in October 2009. I am not sure of his age, but he
    >> is not supposed to be very old. He has seemed a very
    >> healthy and happy bird. He sings all day long and hops
    >> around his cage. His appetite is very good. He eats seed
    >> with a tiny bit of egg, and I give him a fresh brocoli
    >> floret each day. I only give him distilled water to drink.
    >> However, within the last few days, I have noticed him
    >> chewing/biting up and down one leg. It is the leg with
    >> the band, but I have never seen him chew/bite the band.
    >> This morning, the leg is redder than his other leg, and it
    >> is ever so slightly swollen. It is noticeable mostly due
    >> to the redder colour. You have to look hard and compare
    >> both legs to realize one is slightly swollen compared to
    >> the other one.
    >> He is an only bird and comes into contact with no other
    >> birds. Although I would be happy to take him to an Avian
    >> vet, I cannot afford to do so. If anyone has any idea
    >> what may be wrong, I would appreciate you letting me
    >> know. Thanks!