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Re: Help--My Canary keeps chewing/biting one leg

Posted by GreenLady on 1/08/10
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    On 1/08/10, Sandpiper wrote:
    > Thank you for the reply GreenLady. I guess I will have to try
    > it, although I am frightened at the thought of catching and
    > holding him, especially once a day! For this reason I have
    > been putting off trying to trim his nails (by the way, can I
    > do that with an ordinary nail clipper?).
    > Thanks for the tip on the water. I thought distilled was
    > best. I will get him some spring water. I have wondered if I
    > should buy vitamins to add to his water, but I have not done
    > so because he seems so very healthy.

    Sometimes we have to do what makes us uneasy, especially if it's
    for the welfare of our birds.
    Yes, you can use ordinary nail clippers and canary nails are very
    easy to trim as you can easily see the "quick" or blood inside
    the nail. Just trim to below this "red area" and you will be
    Canaries can develop a lot of foot problems if their nails are
    left untrimmed and allowed to over grow.

    Vitamins in the water are not necessary especially if you are
    providing a varied and healthy diet and he is eating it.

    Branch out from broccoli and try some dark, leafy greens such as
    kale, collards, mustards, turnips, etc. Some canaries enjoy
    shredded carrots as is a great source of Vitamin A.