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Re: Help--My Canary keeps chewing/biting one leg

Posted by Sandpiper on 1/09/10
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    Actually, I have tried to feed him fresh chopped carrot, tomato,
    and apple. He would not touch any of these. He seemed to love
    the broccoli, though, so I have continued to give it to him. I
    purchase the broccoli crowns whence they are on sale, and then I
    break the florets apart and freeze them. That way, I can feed him
    a fresh one each day.

    His leg looks even worse this morning, and he is still
    chewing/biting it a lot, although his appetite is good, and he has
    continued to sing all day. I thought I had vaseline, but I was
    wrong. I am going to stop by the market today and buy a jar. I
    am not looking forward to catching him, though! I feel faint just
    thinking about it!

    I hope he is going to be okay. His leg is red, slightly swollen,
    and a little bit flaky all the way up to his body. I stopped
    feeding him egg in case he was getting too much protein. I hope
    the vaseline does the trick! I am worried.

    > Vitamins in the water are not necessary especially if you are
    > providing a varied and healthy diet and he is eating it.
    > Branch out from broccoli and try some dark, leafy greens such as
    > kale, collards, mustards, turnips, etc. Some canaries enjoy
    > shredded carrots as is a great source of Vitamin A.