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Re: Help--My Canary keeps chewing/biting one leg

Posted by Sandpiper on 1/09/10
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    I just caught him and put some of the petroleum jelly on his leg. I
    was shaking the entire time. He kept squirmming, and I could feel
    his little heart beating as fast as you please. At first, I tried
    to cut his toenails, but I was unable to do it. I was shaking too
    much, and I was so afraid of hurting him. I was told not to get the
    vaseline on his feathers. HA! That is much easier said than done,
    but I think I mostly avoided his feathers.

    I put him back in his cage just now, and he seems very upset. He is
    not singing, and he sort of hunkered down on his perch. I knew he
    would be traumatized by this. I put on some classical music for
    him, but he just will not sing. I hope this vaseline works to cure
    his leg.

    Is there something I can do to exterminate his cage? If it is
    indeed mites than have gotten to him, I imagine they will keep
    coming back.