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Re: Help--My Canary keeps chewing/biting one leg

Posted by Sandpiper on 1/11/10
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    Thanks, GreenLady. I treated him again last evening. I did much better
    this time, and afterwards, he seemed slightly less stressed than the
    first time I treated him. I am treating him very shortly before his

    I put petroleum jelly on both of his legs last night because I reasoned
    that if the mites are attacking one leg, they may easily be on the other
    leg but not yet noticeable. I think his leg may look slightly better
    today, although it is difficult to say. He seems to be chewing/biting
    it much less, at least that I have noticed.

    I managed to clip a couple of his nails, but it was difficult as he
    keeps pulling his legs up toward his body, and I am loathe to tug on his
    legs. I am amazed that he never tries to bite or anything.

    I think what I must fear most is holding him too tightly and hurting
    him. It is difficult to hold him with just the right pressure. I
    expect over time, as you say, I will become more proficient in handling

    He seems pretty happy today, by the way. I keep his cage in front of a
    large window during the day. The window over looks the ornamental trees
    on the side of the house. He sings a lot, and he becomes very excited
    if he sees other birds. This week so far, he has been visited by a Ruby
    Crowned Kinglet and a Beswick Wren. I must admit, I become just as
    excited as he whence these song birds visit. I love the wild birds. : )

    > Congratulations. With all due respect, you need to try to separate
    > your emotions from treating your bird. He may be traumatized in the
    > sense that he isn't touched, ever, and he just was handled by you.
    > Even though you won't be doing this forever, you'll see he will get
    > less and less stressed by this. Maybe by the last day you'll be able
    > to trim his nails? If you feel that it would be easier, grab him with
    > a wash cloth and that might make you less nervous and he'll feel safer.
    > Rub a small amount of the jelly between the thumb and forefinger and
    > then rub his leg. Don't try to glob it on his leg and then rub it in.
    > You can thoroughly wash his cage and disinfect everything with a mild
    > bleach solution and let his perches dry very well before putting him
    > back in the cage. I don't know what accommodations you have for him
    > while you're doing this.
    > For what it's worth, if you do not treat the legs, the mites will not
    > go away and they will burrow deeper into his leg and cause more
    > and trauma.
    > Just remain as calm as you can and tell yourself this is necessary for
    > him to get better.