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Re: Help--My Canary keeps chewing/biting one leg

Posted by Suzanne on 2/19/10
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    > Rub a small amount of the jelly between the thumb and forefinger and
    > then rub his leg. Don't try to glob it on his leg and then rub it in.
    > You can thoroughly wash his cage and disinfect everything with a mild
    > bleach solution and let his perches dry very well before putting him
    > back in the cage. I don't know what accommodations you have for him
    > while you're doing this.
    Thank you so much for this timely information!! I noticed my canary
    biting a reddened leg, which he has never done before. I immediately
    came to the Internet for help, and thanks to you I got help!!

    Years ago I bought two canaries from a dear friend who is recently
    deceased. She raised canaries, and I lost those two canaries, which
    broke my heart, due to some leg and beak problem, which appeared to be
    mites, and despite numerous trips to the vets and having Scat applied,
    and the vets even gave them shots, I lost them. I decided I would never
    go through that again. My parrot, whom I have had from a baby and who is
    almost seven now, never had that problem, for which I was very thankful.
    Now my friend has died, and I promised her I would take her one remaining
    canary. He is adorable, and has now started singing again, although he
    was in bad shape when I got him.

    Recently I began having some kind of bites, and decided it was from my
    working outside and protecting the bird houses I provide for wild birds.
    I now know that was really a bad risk, but nothing has ever happened
    before, and I feed wild birds and squirrels outside and have for years,
    with no problems.

    So, this morning I saw the little canary biting his leg which looked
    reddened. Thanks to your advice I have already applied Vaseline
    Petroleum jelly to both his legs, have clipped one of his nails (the rest
    were okay), have put him in a reserve cage I had stored, and have cleaned
    his cage with scalding water, alcohol and a dash of Dawn in the water,
    and sprayed it with Windex. It is now drying. The canary is unperturbed
    and is happily eating his food. He was very sick and depressed when I
    got him since he went through a lot while his owner was in hospice and
    nobody able to take care of him. After losing the other two canaries,
    who were raised where he was, I am terrified of losing him. He loves his
    high grade seed of all kinds, Romaine lettuce and carrot. He is very
    smart, and lets me know what he wants. Last night I heard him even sing
    in his sleep once he has been so happy.

    My question is how will Vaseline on the legs, which applied easily as you
    advised, eliminate the mites if they are all over his body?