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Re: Help--My Canary keeps chewing/biting one leg

Posted by Warning on 2/20/10
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    On 2/19/10

    Please see an Avian vet before you put Vasoline on your
    bird's legs. My bird was fine, and was singing and eating,
    before I followed that instruction to put Vasoline on his legs
    for mites. The next morning he was very sick, hunched up, and
    he died. I loved him very much. There is little nor no reliable
    information on the Internet for problems for canaries. If you
    find one you discover there are people trying to charge for advice
    and to make money off people who are trying to save their birds.
    I have cried my eyes out, and learned too late that you cannot
    risk the life of your bird by following advice without knowing for
    sure that it is safe. I feel that I killed my canary by putting a
    small bit of Vasoline on his legs. I am broken hearted.