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Re: Eclectus that is biting off his chest feathers

Posted by GreenLady on 1/18/10
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    On 1/17/10, De wrote:
    > I need help with my male Eclectus that bites off his
    > feathers, yes bites, not pulls. Any suggestions on why he
    > is doing this? thanks, De

    De, feather destruction is a problem that plagues many birds
    and there isn't one simple reason why this happens.
    Since you say he is a male, this could be a hormonal issue
    whereby he is coming into breeding mode. This can happen
    whether or not he has a mate. If this is the case, it may
    very well be temporary.

    Some birds will destroy feathers if they are bored or do not
    have enough stimulation with toys and such.

    Another factor could be a dietary issue should he not be
    receiving a quality and balanced diet. Dietary needs of
    Eclectus are a bit different from other birds. They really
    do require lots of vegetables, greens, legumes, seed and some
    pellets. They require higher volumes of vitamin A foods.

    Of course this could be a health issue also, and only a trip
    to your avian vet could determine if it is.

    If you are truly concerned and his is fed well, has plenty of
    stimulus, you might consider the wellness check at the vet.

    Good luck.