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Re: Eclectus that is biting off his chest feathers

Posted by Michael on 1/24/10
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    On 1/17/10, De wrote:
    > I need help with my male Eclectus that bites off his
    > feathers, yes bites, not pulls. Any suggestions on why he
    > is doing this? thanks, De

    Curious the age of your Eclectus?

    Do you have him near a heater/hot air blowing near him.

    Winter months....
    Provide a natural sunlight lamp. Mist bird 3 times a
    day...with one heavy soaking.
    Eliminate all processed foods. Like cheerios, etc.NONE!

    I agree with others....Change toys around.

    DO NOT PET the bird. Hormones may have been stimulated. can buy this PLUCK NO MORE. I have no interest
    in this....

    The same happened to my Aru. I did all the above. The
    plucking stopped within a few days.

    I actually think I dried her feathers through the heat vents.

    Try! I think the above will work.

    Dont waste money on a Vet. I doubt its bacterial.