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Re: Eclectus that is biting off his chest feathers

Posted by De on 1/24/10
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    On 1/24/10, Michael wrote:
    > On 1/17/10, De wrote:
    >> I need help with my male Eclectus that bites off his
    >> feathers, yes bites, not pulls. Any suggestions on why he
    >> is doing this? thanks, De
    > Curious the age of your Eclectus?
    > Do you have him near a heater/hot air blowing near him.
    > Winter months....
    > Provide a natural sunlight lamp. Mist bird 3 times a
    > day...with one heavy soaking.
    > Eliminate all processed foods. Like cheerios, etc.NONE!
    > I agree with others....Change toys around.
    > DO NOT PET the bird. Hormones may have been stimulated.
    > can buy this PLUCK NO MORE. I have no interest
    > in this....
    > The same happened to my Aru. I did all the above. The
    > plucking stopped within a few days.
    > I actually think I dried her feathers through the heat vents.
    > Try! I think the above will work.
    > Dont waste money on a Vet. I doubt its bacterial.

    No, he is not near a direct heat source. I do give him a
    shower twice a week, we eat all Organic and Naturally so
    nothing processed. He only eats raw and cooked vegetables and
    dried and fresh fruits. Hormones, possible, he does like to
    rub his vent on our sleeves however when he does that type of
    behavior we transfer him to his stand and never encourae it.
    If it is a hormonal issue how do we stop the hormones from
    flowing? hahahaha, sounds weird but you may have something