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Re: Eclectus that is biting off his chest feathers

Posted by De on 1/24/10
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    On 1/24/10, De wrote:

    Our male Eclectus is 12 years old.
    > No, he is not near a direct heat source. I do give him a
    > shower twice a week, we eat all Organic and Naturally so
    > nothing processed. He only eats raw and cooked vegetables and
    > dried and fresh fruits. Hormones, possible, he does like to
    > rub his vent on our sleeves however when he does that type of
    > behavior we transfer him to his stand and never encourae it.
    > If it is a hormonal issue how do we stop the hormones from
    > flowing? hahahaha, sounds weird but you may have something
    > there!