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Re: softbills

Posted by GreenLady on 6/19/10
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    On 6/12/10, Elke wrote:
    > I would like to get into breeding Softbills,how hard is
    > it,is it true that you have to feed the Babys every two
    > hours around the Clock,some say you just do not have a
    > life anymore if you breed softbills,than how is it that
    > there is so many people out there breeding them,i just
    > want to make sure this is something for me,thank you so
    > much

    Elke, most softbills are not usually hand-fed birds as a rule.
    There are exceptions, but you do not say what species in
    particular you are interested in breeding.

    Breeding ANY type of bird, or animal for that matter,
    requires a lot of dedication and determination and will
    consume much of your time if you do it properly.

    If you are looking for a project that is going to make you
    lots of money, breeding birds probably isn't for you. When
    you factor in the time spent working with them, supplies,
    food, caging, veterinary care, etc. the expenses far
    outweigh the profits. You have to do it because you love it
    and want to improve the characteristics of the species you

    IF you choose to hand feed, then you are a 'slave' to your
    birds when it comes to time. Again, doing it properly
    requires much desiccation and the birds need to come first
    before you social life. Many things can and will go wrong
    and you have to be willing to deal with them.

    Good luck in whatever you decide and think about what you
    want to do. It might help if you find a more active softbill
    board, possibly at another site as this board isn't
    frequented that often.