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Re: softbills

Posted by Susanne Russo on 8/16/10
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    I breed mousebirds, which are softbills. Hnadfeeding is
    only neccessary if you have a pair that stop feeding or if
    your goal is to have a handtamed pet quality bird.
    Otherwise it is best to let the parents wean them out.

    This is a thread I started on another forum several months
    handfeeding-mousebirds.html regards to handfeeding I have never fed during the
    middle of the night. Aside from that, mousebird babies have
    fast metabolisms and I would feed every 2 hours or so
    depending on age. Softbill species of birds are more labor
    intensive than parrots because of their rapid digestive
    tract. Most softbills also do not have a crop to hold food
    like a parrot type bird. What they have is an expandible
    espophagus...which holds alot less....thus the more frequent

    On 6/12/10, Elke wrote:
    > I would like to get into breeding Softbills,how hard is
    > it,is it true that you have to feed the Babys every two
    > hours around the Clock,some say you just do not have a
    > life anymore if you breed softbills,than how is it that
    > there is so many people out there breeding them,i just
    > want to make sure this is something for me,thank you so
    > much

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