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Post: Mike Frewer International Fauna

Posted by Rebecca on 11/29/10

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    Mike Frewer is a terrible man to get into business with. I
    purchased a sloth from Mike's company in early June of
    2010. Regrettably I sit here today(on November 29th 2010)
    without a sloth or my $1,600 . He cannot be trusted. I
    waited two months to receive my baby sloth, originally he
    PROMISED 4 weeks, at the most for arrival. I was patient,
    and considerate throughout this whole time but he always
    had 20 excuses to feed me every time we talked,
    manipulating me again and again. Frustrated, I asked him
    for a refund in early August and he said I would receive my
    check in a week, now, its months later, no money, he
    screens my calls and will not get back to me. I am a
    trusting person and believed all the lies. Now, sadly, I
    have to get the authorities involved. It is upsetting what
    amazing selling skills he has to get you to trust him. He
    says exactly what you want to hear. All I ever wanted was
    the sloth, or my money back, nothing more, but he kept both
    and left me with nothing. I regret getting in business with
    him and his company (International Fauna) very much. He
    will take advantage of anyone. Please be careful, I advise
    to really research who you decide to purchase your exotic
    animal from, because there ARE scummy business men like
    Mike out there who will completely take advantage of you.
    Sincerely, Rebecca

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