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Post: Mike Frewer international fauna

Posted by Kirk on 12/26/10

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    Hi Rebecca,
    You are absolutely right he is a terrible man to do
    business with. He also has cheated me out of money
    pretty much the same story as with you. Lots of empty
    promises followed by hundreds of excuses and in the end no
    animal nor my money back. Its been over 8months now! Im
    pretty sure EVERYTHING he says is a lie. He isnt selling
    animals he is selling fantasies and I know of several
    other people he has cheated like that. Unfortunately you
    are right -there is not much you/we can do other than to
    involve the authorities and warn others not to do business
    with him. It is amazing that a scumbag like him has
    managed to stay in business for this long but then again
    he has changed his business name several times.
    Sincerely, Kirk

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