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Post: To Report Fraud

Posted by Sue on 1/04/11

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    I was once involved with a person who tried to keep my
    money but I wrote to the Better Business Bureau of that
    state as well as wrote to the Governor. I could not
    believe the response I got back from both as well as the
    state police called me as they were at this woman's door
    while they were talking to me long distance. I explained
    to all agencies that I would come down to get my money
    that it did not matter of the distance as it was the
    principle of this person ripping people off. Finally this
    person had to personally go and hand to the state police
    the refunded amount in the form of a money order with a
    stamped envelope with my address on it. I thanked them
    all for all the work they did for me. So if you are being
    ripped off do not get mad just get going emailing to the
    proper authorities. I say email because this way you can
    keep everything on file on your computer. I would also
    include the person involved as they will know you mean
    business. Oh by the way the state police knew of this
    woman I was dealing with as she had frauded other people
    in the past.

    I wish you luck in getting your money back

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