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Re: Mike Frewer International Fauna

Posted by kirk on 2/05/11
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    First off, I am not telling any stories. I filed complaints
    regarding my own personal experience with Mike Frewer and I am
    encouraging anybody else who has had a negative experience
    with him to do the same. As far as I’m concerned it is Mr.
    Frewer who is “telling stories”.
    For months now he has promised me a full refund on the animals
    he never shipped to me. But I have received nothing. No
    animals, no money. Mr. Frewer has also said his lawyer is/has
    been dealing with this for months, and yet I haven't heard
    anything from his so called lawyer.
    Mr. Frewer can make up all the excuses in the world – the
    facts remain the same. The only thing Mike Frewer needs to do
    is send me my money back. It really doesn't matter how many
    animals he says he has shipped out to other people. He has
    never shipped any animals to me and has not refunded me my
    money. I have proof of that. Does Mike Frewer have any proof
    to back up his story?