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Re: refunds

Posted by Kirk on 2/08/11
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    On 2/07/11, internationalfauna wrote:
    > internationalfauna do not give refunds.when you order a
    > animal or bird from them you have to take animal
    > dealer gives refunds

    Wow, really? Is that a new policy or something? Because I
    have several emails from you aka Mike Frewer aka Ron aka Bob
    aka International Fauna stating otherwise. Below is just a
    sample of them. Oh and by the way, just a reminder: you
    still owe me that full refund you promised me back in April
    of 2010!!!! To this day I still havenít received a dime of
    the $5750.00 you owe me!!!! to me 4/26/10
    thanks for email .the check will go out next week thanks mike to me 5/4/10
    your refund will go out tomorrow wednesday thanks 6/14/10
    hi did you get our check yet mike to me 6/16/10
    hi what address is the refund to be sent to to me 6/22/10
    hi re phone call. the animals , we had for you should be
    sold in the next few days your refund will when sent
    out.> ..thanks to me 6/25/10
    hi re your phone call. we have 2 of the animals sold will be
    going in 2 _3 weeks will send refund as they are
    agreed by you when you gave us they order thanks

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