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Re: mealworms

Posted by Michael L on 5/19/04
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    On 5/19/04, Laila wrote:
    > Anybody knows where could I find mealworms for my Baby
    > Mynah?? In orange county California?

    You probably could find them locally, but you will pay a lot
    more for a small amount. And, you are going to need them on
    an ongoing basis. Grubco, is a mail order company of
    mealworms and insects that I used for years when I raised
    finches. Their product and service is very good.
    I don't know how interested you are in doing this, but once
    you have mealworms, you can cultivate your own 'farm' and
    have your own personal supply. It takes a little doing, but
    once established, you will have more mealworms than you know
    what to do with! I still have a small farm of mealworms
    that I feed to my African Canaries.

    Michael L