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Post: Blue Tit acquisition

Posted by Molly Rice on 5/21/04

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    Someone e-mailed me from the bird asking for info on where
    I picked up my pair of Blue Tit. I attended a birdmart in
    my area and there was a breeder selling them and a number
    of unusual birds. I was not expecting to see these birds
    but took a chance on them because they are so delightful
    and I had observed them on trips to Ireland. They seem to
    get along really well with the Cordon Bleu and Spice Finch
    pair in the flight with them and provide great
    entertainment. They are always the first to dive into the
    pool and the first to grab a mealworm. Unfortunately, the
    cordon bleu pair have learned to steal the worms away as
    soon as the Blue Tit has "prepared" it. The spice finches
    are now trying to eat worms as well although they can't
    quite figure out how to get a squirming worm into their
    gullet and let them hang for along time while chewing their
    bill together and often drop them.

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