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Re: Cordon blue questions

Posted by Molly Rice on 5/26/04
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    Hi Tiff! I have a pair of bleus but I am very new at this
    birdkeeping too. From what I have read it does not hurt them
    to lay eggs, raising the babies is the stressful part. If you
    don't want babies just take the eggs out. You can also buy
    fake eggs and put them in the nest for them to "practice"
    sitting on. They do like to have a nest to fiddle around with
    so maybe you could put one in their cage, mine sleep in theirs
    at night. The best book I have found is The Finch Handbook by
    Barron's, mostly general but very important info. Also you
    can go to this website and gets lots of info on finches too!
    Good luck!

    On 5/26/04, Tiff wrote:

    > On 5/22/04, Tiff wrote:
    > Hello Any one out there know of a book about these birds?
    >> I have a male and female pair of cordons and i'm not realy
    >> ready yet to attempt breeding them yet, i've read some bad
    >> stories about it. So my question is is it possible for
    >> them just to live in one cage togeather without breeding?
    >> They are in one cage now and they like each other i have
    >> seen them breed and since i don't have a nest for them it
    >> ends up in a broken egg at the bottom of the cage. I'm
    >> fine with that but is it ok for them.
    >> Also i am haveing real trouble finding any good books on
    >> these particular finches or waxbills in general, if anyone
    >> knows any it would be a real help.
    >> The egg at the bottom of the cage was white and very thin
    >> looking to me though i don't really know because i havn't
    >> done this before.
    >> The cage i have them in is 3 feet long and 2 feet high and
    >> wide.