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Re: Cordon blue questions

Posted by molly Rice on 5/26/04
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    Also take a look at this site:

    On 5/26/04, Tiff wrote:
    > On 5/22/04, Tiff wrote:
    > Hello Any one out there know of a book about these birds?
    >> I have a male and female pair of cordons and i'm not realy
    >> ready yet to attempt breeding them yet, i've read some bad
    >> stories about it. So my question is is it possible for
    >> them just to live in one cage togeather without breeding?
    >> They are in one cage now and they like each other i have
    >> seen them breed and since i don't have a nest for them it
    >> ends up in a broken egg at the bottom of the cage. I'm
    >> fine with that but is it ok for them.
    >> Also i am haveing real trouble finding any good books on
    >> these particular finches or waxbills in general, if anyone
    >> knows any it would be a real help.
    >> The egg at the bottom of the cage was white and very thin
    >> looking to me though i don't really know because i havn't
    >> done this before.
    >> The cage i have them in is 3 feet long and 2 feet high and
    >> wide.