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Re: Cordon blue questions

Posted by Molly Rice on 5/28/04
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    They are really so adorable and their little songs are very subtle.
    It is really great when all of them start chattering-the Spices kinda
    go ya-ya-ya. the Tits squeak and I'm not sure about the Bleus yet.
    But it is fun. I'm going adding only one more type, a pair of
    Gouldians, that are coming in August and then I'll be set. The nests
    they have are the ones with a front opening and with straw type
    material but now that I've said they are sleeping in them I may be
    wrong. I watched them bed down last night and they are sleeping on
    top of it. During the day they do go in and out tho.

    On 5/27/04, Tiff wrote:
    > On 5/27/04, Molly Rice wrote:
    > I just looked up the Blue Tit bird, i was unfamiliar, and god they
    > are beautiful and they have such cute faces too, I'll try to find
    > some when i have the room for a big aviary but unfortunately for now
    > its just my pair of blues in their 3 foot long cage. I also put fake
    > plants in with mine and they love them. What sort of nest are your
    > blues sleeping in? It sounds like you have a lovely flock i can't
    > wait till i can get an aviary. I listened to a recording of a blue
    > tit's song, with that and the cordon blues song your house must
    > sound so beautiful.
    >> I have them in a space with a pair of spice finch and a pair of
    >> Blue Tit. I also read that they were perchers but I think being
    >> around the nesters has changed their minds. I also have fake
    >> plants in the space so they climb around on the plants. I did
    >> have one egg on the floor a couple of weeks ago but I thought it
    >> might be the Spice since they are really into building a nest. The
    >> egg was just as you described so maybe that was the bleus/
    >> Anyway, I think other birds distract them so maybe you should
    >> adopt a couple more. Spices are really friendly, great birds-they
    >> have even learned to eat mealworms!
    >> On 5/27/04, Tiff wrote:
    >>> On 5/26/04, Molly Rice wrote:
    >>> Hi Molly, what kinda nest do you have yours in? And have you had
    >>> any eggs with them yet? This is interesting because i thought i
    >>> read they where perch sleeping birds but i guess i confused that
    >>> point. I got them one of those cheep woven wicker enclosed nests
    >>> once and they were afraid of it they wouldn't go in and i
    >>> noticed once when the female was on top of it she got her foot
    >>> caught so i got scared and took it out. Do you think getting
    >>> them a nest now would make them feel like they have to breed? I
    >>> have the book you suggested i was just hopeing there was a book
    >>> about waxbills in particular or blues.
    >>>> Hi Tiff! I have a pair of bleus but I am very new at this
    >>>> birdkeeping too. From what I have read it does not hurt them
    >>>> to lay eggs, raising the babies is the stressful part. If you
    >>>> don't want babies just take the eggs out. You can also buy
    >>>> fake eggs and put them in the nest for them to "practice"
    >>>> sitting on. They do like to have a nest to fiddle around with
    >>>> so maybe you could put one in their cage, mine sleep in theirs
    >>>> at night. The best book I have found is The Finch Handbook by
    >>>> Barron's, mostly general but very important info. Also you
    >>>> can go to this website and gets lots of info on finches too!
    >>>> Good luck!
    >>>> On 5/26/04, Tiff wrote:
    >>>>> On 5/22/04, Tiff wrote:
    >>>>> Hello Any one out there know of a book about these birds?
    >>>>>> I have a male and female pair of cordons and i'm not realy
    >>>>>> ready yet to attempt breeding them yet, i've read some bad
    >>>>>> stories about it. So my question is is it possible for
    >>>>>> them just to live in one cage togeather without breeding?
    >>>>>> They are in one cage now and they like each other i have
    >>>>>> seen them breed and since i don't have a nest for them it
    >>>>>> ends up in a broken egg at the bottom of the cage. I'm
    >>>>>> fine with that but is it ok for them.
    >>>>>> Also i am haveing real trouble finding any good books on
    >>>>>> these particular finches or waxbills in general, if anyone
    >>>>>> knows any it would be a real help.
    >>>>>> The egg at the bottom of the cage was white and very thin
    >>>>>> looking to me though i don't really know because i havn't
    >>>>>> done this before.
    >>>>>> The cage i have them in is 3 feet long and 2 feet high and
    >>>>>> wide.