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Re: Pied Crow and Parrots

Posted by Uptown Birds on 5/25/04
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    I would strongly suggest not having them out together as
    flock time. The corvids can be very aggressive to any other
    birds. I think you will find that doing their own thing will
    result in them doing their natural and instictive thing.
    Hope this does't blow any hopes you would have, but they
    wouldn't ever hang out together in the wild.

    On 5/25/04, Crystal wrote:
    > Posted this once, but will do so again, I have a hand fed
    > pied crow coming in and am wondering if anyone has ever
    > had their parrots interact with a corvid in a "flock time"
    > setting..when "everyone is out playing and doing their own
    > thing"

    Uptown Birds