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Re: Swainson Lories (Blue Mountain Lory)

Posted by Robin P. on 5/26/04
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    On 5/26/04, gina wrote:
    > I just purchased a baby Swainson Lorikeet (Blue Mountain
    > Lory). He is just beautiful. I am hand feeding him right
    > now. I am discovering there is not a whole lot of info.
    > available on these little guys. I do have allot of
    > experience with birds, breeding birds, and hand rearing
    > babies, however this is my first Lory. Any info. on these
    > beautiful creatures would be much appreciated!

    I got into Lories at one time,and found they were not for
    me.One great book I found was "A Guide to Lories and
    Lorikeets".(See link below,or they do sell it at Barnes and
    What kind of diet were you planning on weaning to? I know
    alot of people who have had problems,and I did myself,using
    the pellets,with constipation.When I first got mine,and was
    researching around,the girl at the pet shop honestly told me
    I could feed dried fruits and seeds,as that's the parrot mix
    they were pushing.A good lory breeder,my vet, and 2 books I
    read all agreed a constant seed diet will kill a Lory.The
    dried fruits are pretty much useless,because the main thing
    they do is suck the juice out.
    One thing I can tell you,make sure to go ahead and cover the
    wall behind his cage with contact paper,or plexiglass,make it
    alot easier to clean.You can't even paint over Lory poop,I
    had to strip the wall in here when I moved mine out.
    They are gorgeous,and I'm not trying to scare you,lol,I've
    just found they weren't for me,so I am more kinda on the bad
    side of things,expense in feeding,etc.The ones I had were
    fantastic talkers,and beautiful birds,but the extra mess was
    just too much.One may not be that bad,but before you get any
    more I'd see how you are with them,I had 8 and it was way too

    Lory Books