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Re: Swainson Lories (Blue Mountain Lory)

Posted by gina on 5/26/04
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    On 5/26/04, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 5/26/04, gina wrote:
    >> I just purchased a baby Swainson Lorikeet (Blue Mountain
    >> Lory). He is just beautiful. I am hand feeding him right
    >> now. I am discovering there is not a whole lot of info.
    >> available on these little guys. I do have allot of
    >> experience with birds, breeding birds, and hand rearing
    >> babies, however this is my first Lory. Any info. on these
    >> beautiful creatures would be much appreciated!
    > I got into Lories at one time,and found they were not for
    > me.One great book I found was "A Guide to Lories and
    > Lorikeets".(See link below,or they do sell it at Barnes and
    > Noble,,eBay)
    > What kind of diet were you planning on weaning to? I know
    > alot of people who have had problems,and I did myself,using
    > the pellets,with constipation.When I first got mine,and was
    > researching around,the girl at the pet shop honestly told me
    > I could feed dried fruits and seeds,as that's the parrot mix
    > they were pushing.A good lory breeder,my vet, and 2 books I
    > read all agreed a constant seed diet will kill a Lory.The
    > dried fruits are pretty much useless,because the main thing
    > they do is suck the juice out.
    > One thing I can tell you,make sure to go ahead and cover the
    > wall behind his cage with contact paper,or plexiglass,make it
    > alot easier to clean.You can't even paint over Lory poop,I
    > had to strip the wall in here when I moved mine out.
    > They are gorgeous,and I'm not trying to scare you,lol,I've
    > just found they weren't for me,so I am more kinda on the bad
    > side of things,expense in feeding,etc.The ones I had were
    > fantastic talkers,and beautiful birds,but the extra mess was
    > just too much.One may not be that bad,but before you get any
    > more I'd see how you are with them,I had 8 and it was way too
    > much.
    Thank You Robin!!!! I am planning on weaning him on a powder
    diet, supplemented with fresh fruit, veggies and lots of fresh
    water! I heard they can be messy and really squirt far, however
    I was told if kept on a powder diet this almost eliminates that
    problem. I first purchased a 9 month old double yellow headed
    Amazon, brought her home and found she only liked my husband
    and would bite my daughter and I, so I traded her for the baby
    Lory. I heard they make good Family pets! I do have 12
    cockatiels, with 3 breeding pairs, and 1 lovebird. I used to
    have a Blue and Gold Macaw who I hand fed, but after 2 years
    had to give him up due to a Divorce. I miss my Blue and Gold,
    so I was looking for a good Family Bird that could talk! Any
    suggestions????? However, I am keeping my baby no matter how
    messy he is, hes just to cute!!! Thanks Again!!!!