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Re: Swainson Lories (Blue Mountain Lory)

Posted by Siggi on 6/01/04
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    On 5/26/04, gina wrote:
    > I just purchased a baby Swainson Lorikeet (Blue Mountain
    > Lory). He is just beautiful. I am hand feeding him right
    > now. I am discovering there is not a whole lot of info.
    > available on these little guys. I do have allot of
    > experience with birds, breeding birds, and hand rearing
    > babies, however this is my first Lory. Any info. on these
    > beautiful creatures would be much appreciated!
    Hi Gina
    I had a Swainson that I loved very much. I know they are messy but he was
    the most beautiful bird I ever saw. Very playful and loving until "he" laid an
    egg. LOL She then became very terretorial of her cage and to the point
    where I could not touch her at all anymore. She bit everyone. I finaly gave
    her back to the breeder.Where she became a Mom. I still miss her. I got her
    food from cuddlebone plus in California. They do need the powder and the
    nectar and fresh fruit. His website is on upatsix. Mine used to lay on her
    back and wresteled with my hand like a cat. Good luck with him or her.