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Re: Swainson Lories (Blue Mountain Lory)

Posted by Darla on 6/22/04
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    On 5/26/04, gina wrote:
    > On 5/26/04, Robin P. wrote:
    >> On 5/26/04, gina wrote:
    >>> I just purchased a baby Swainson Lorikeet (Blue Mountain
    >>> Lory). He is just beautiful. I am hand feeding him right
    >>> now. I am discovering there is not a whole lot of info.
    >>> available on these little guys. I do have allot of
    >>> experience with birds, breeding birds, and hand rearing
    >>> babies, however this is my first Lory. Any info. on these
    >>> beautiful creatures would be much appreciated!
    >>I first purchased a 9 month old double yellow headed
    > Amazon, brought her home and found she only liked my husband
    > and would bite my daughter and I, so I traded her for the baby
    > Lory. I heard they make good Family pets! I do have 12
    > cockatiels, with 3 breeding pairs, and 1 lovebird. I used to
    > have a Blue and Gold Macaw who I hand fed, but after 2 years
    > had to give him up due to a Divorce. I miss my Blue and Gold,
    > so I was looking for a good Family Bird that could talk! Any
    > suggestions?????

    You should get a male eclectus, they are the calmest of all of
    the Parrots. They are not very messy, maybe just some pellets or
    seed on the ground but not to bad. They keep their poop in the
    cage so that is not a problem. They are the most friendliest and
    the male eclectus is the only parrot I have that would not bite
    a fly. He goes to everyone and is happy just hanging out with
    who ever will take him out. He has not bit anyone even
    strangers. I have several Parrots Military McCaw, Eclectus male
    and female, Blue Quaker, Sun Conure, Blue Crown Conure, Blue
    Front Amazon male and female, Cockatiel, Canary, and Finches. I
    also weaned my female eclectus and I am in the process of
    weaning my blue quaker. We saw a Blue Mountain Lory in the pet
    store and really enjor their beauty so we are now thinking about
    getting one. My Sun Conure is a squirter and does it on the tile
    floor. We put up the plastic seed gaurd on the cage where she
    squirts and now it is on the plastic and not the floor.