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Posted by Melissa on 6/04/04
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    On 6/01/04, LAILA wrote:
    > Please, I need any help that I could get!! I have a six
    > week old Indian Mynah,and the diet that the breeder told
    > me to follow, doesn't seem to work!! I mix fruits
    > (papaya,blueberries,honeydew,strawberries,bananas,grapes..)
    > with tofu,frozen veggies pormegranate juice and a bit of
    > water and the pellets. The only thing that he eats, a few,
    > are the blueberries.And two mealworms a day! I'm
    > desperate, I'm afraid he will get sick! If anybody knows
    > of any different diet for babies mynah, please, I begg,
    > give me some tips!! I don't want to loose my baby!!!
    > Thank you all in advance!

    Hello, Give him some time. You just received him he is
    getting used to his suroundings and you...But when it comes
    to fruits and vegtables you can try any that is low in
    iron.He might not like all but will find his
    favorites..Instead of Tufu i give tuna in water and chicken
    breast in water and mix all of my fruits and vegtables..Some
    people would disagree with me but frozen fruits and vegtables
    has no vitamins in them.Fresh is better.I was also told by a
    Mynah breeder who bred for years and years that pet mynahs
    don't need mealworms only breeder mynahs.But in my oppinion
    your mynah will not get sick.If he is hungry he will eat.
    This is a great board but you can also learn alot of
    information on That is a pure mynah forum.
    people go up there everyday and post questions and awnseres.
    Good Luck Melissa