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Re: US Starting To Open Bird Trade Again

Posted by Michael L on 6/09/04
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    On 6/09/04, Toby wrote:
    > Is there a source to find the various importers and quarantine
    > stations?

    Below is some information regarding the banding codes of birds
    brought into the country through quarantine statons. You might
    want to contact the USDA (United States Department of
    Agriculture) and see if they can advise?

    USDA-owned and operated quarantine stations use bands with
    letters and three or four numbers. The letters refer to the name
    of the station:
    Honolulu, HI - HH
    Key West, FL - T
    Miami, FL - 58A, 58B, 58C, 58D, 58E, 58F or USDA-F
    Newburgh, NY - NNY
    The letters on the leg bands of USDA-regulated pet bird
    quarantine stations refer to location and are followed by three
    or four numbers:
    Brownsville, TX - USDAB
    Honolulu, HI - USDAH
    Los Angeles, CA - USDAA
    Miami, FL - USDAM
    Mission, TX - USDAX ** for confiscated birds being put up for
    Newburgh, NY - USDANNY
    San Ysidro, CA - USDAN

    Privately owned commercial import stations use bands with an
    alphanumeric code - three letters followed by three numbers. The
    first letter signifies the state in which the station is located:
    California - C,O
    Florida - F
    Hawaii - H
    Illinois - I
    Louisiana - L
    Michigan - M
    New York - N
    Texas - T

    Michael L