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Re: US Starting To Open Bird Trade Again

Posted by Jerry on 6/12/04
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    On 6/10/04, Tim wrote:
    > On 6/08/04, Andrew Doan wrote:
    >> I've just recently visit a pet shop here Southern
    >> California and talk to the owner about softbills bird. He
    >> mention that the US will open up the bird trade again.
    > Just
    >> wonder if anyone here know if this is true or not.
    > I sure hope not!!! We have already done enough damage to
    > the wild populations.


    The bird trade was never closed! What gave you that idea?
    Softbills and finches have always been coming in. It is only
    the parrots that were generally banned, and not even all of
    those. Only CITES species of PArrots (most species) and CITES
    species of Softbills (very few)were banned, and you can still
    import the banned ones with a Coop permit.

    Furthermore, the bird trade has not done damage to most of the
    wild populations. Those populations that are in trouble are
    there because of habitat destruction.