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Re: US Starting To Open Bird Trade Again

Posted by Tim on 6/15/04
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    On 6/12/04, Jerry wrote:
    > On 6/10/04, Tim wrote:
    >> On 6/08/04, Andrew Doan wrote:
    >>> I've just recently visit a pet shop here Southern
    >>> California and talk to the owner about softbills bird. He
    >>> mention that the US will open up the bird trade again.
    >> Just
    >>> wonder if anyone here know if this is true or not.
    >> I sure hope not!!! We have already done enough damage to
    >> the wild populations.
    > Tim:
    > The bird trade was never closed! What gave you that idea?
    > Softbills and finches have always been coming in. It is only
    > the parrots that were generally banned, and not even all of
    > those. Only CITES species of PArrots (most species) and CITES
    > species of Softbills (very few)were banned, and you can still
    > import the banned ones with a Coop permit.
    > Furthermore, the bird trade has not done damage to most of the
    > wild populations. Those populations that are in trouble are
    > there because of habitat destruction.
    > Jerry
    Birds belong in the wild not in a cage. Stop all imports!!!!