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Re: US Starting To Open Bird Trade Again

Posted by damian on 7/04/04
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    I hate to say it tim ,but you speak with a whole lot of
    ignorence.first of a great amount of species have been saved from
    captive breeding (such as the edwards pheasant which are now extint
    in the wild due to deforestation and over hunting) Should we give
    up our breeding programs and lose more species?i like to see
    imports to keep a diverse blood lines. some of the imports that
    have stopped because of cites have to close of blood relations and
    may soon be lost because of it.the only reason we have to deal with
    it is because of people with ignorence of what is really
    happening.May if you knew what was going on you may start feeling
    bad about the lives you guys ruin my stealing peoples bird to free
    them or the schools you burn for ignorence.sorry for being so blunt
    but this issue has caused nothing but greif because you think every
    one should have thier rights ripped from them

    On 6/15/04, Tim wrote:
    > On 6/12/04, Jerry wrote:
    >> On 6/10/04, Tim wrote:
    >>> On 6/08/04, Andrew Doan wrote:
    >>>> I've just recently visit a pet shop here Southern
    >>>> California and talk to the owner about softbills bird. He
    >>>> mention that the US will open up the bird trade again.
    >>> Just
    >>>> wonder if anyone here know if this is true or not.
    >>> I sure hope not!!! We have already done enough damage to
    >>> the wild populations.
    >> Tim:
    >> The bird trade was never closed! What gave you that idea?
    >> Softbills and finches have always been coming in. It is only
    >> the parrots that were generally banned, and not even all of
    >> those. Only CITES species of PArrots (most species) and CITES
    >> species of Softbills (very few)were banned, and you can still
    >> import the banned ones with a Coop permit.
    >> Furthermore, the bird trade has not done damage to most of the
    >> wild populations. Those populations that are in trouble are
    >> there because of habitat destruction.
    >> Jerry
    > Birds belong in the wild not in a cage. Stop all imports!!!!