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Re: US Starting To Open Bird Trade Again

Posted by Jerry on 7/06/04
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    On 7/06/04, Tim wrote:
    > On 7/04/04, damian wrote:
    >> I hate to say it tim ,but you speak with a whole lot of
    >> ignorence.first of a great amount of species have been saved from

    > Sorry, but I would rather be dead than be stuck in a cage for the
    > rest of my life (and I am sure if the birds could talk they would
    > agree). You idiots that think you are helping the birds are so
    > egotistical that you can't see the forest due to the trees in front
    > of you. Think about it from the individual bird's point of view
    > morons. Spay and neuter, its not just for pets, its for people like
    > you.

    You are the idiot. You show a total lack of knowledge why birds are
    bred in captivity. there are dozens of captive breeding programs run
    by the government alone to save birds. AMong them are the Puerto Rican
    Parrot Project, the COndor Project, and the Whooping Crfane Project--
    all successful programs that require keeping birds in cages.

    Maybe you should get in a cage and carry out your desire.