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Posted by Jane Doe on 6/28/04

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    Look, how can you accuse this guy of selling ILLEGAL,
    SMUGGLED Toucans if you haven't seen his birds, and
    probably haven't asked where he got them from. Its people
    like you that give us "Reputable Bird People" bad names for
    the very simple fact that you have absolutely no life so
    you feel the need to start some drama on your own ill
    will. And my opinion on Fish and Game, well, they can kiss
    my birdie butt. They are thieves, thugs, whatever and take
    MOST of these animals for their own greedy needs. I am in
    the process of suing the crap out of this department. So I
    know what I am talking about. Please keep your accusations
    to yourself. I am sure no one cares about your stupid
    little posts.

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