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NOTE: Please do NOT post messages seeking parrots or for parrot rescue to this forum.

It is highly recommended that you do not place information in your ad which only the true owner of the bird would know. Unfortunately, there are a number of profiteers who fraudulently portray themselves as owners of lost birds, and will try to take the found bird from you to sell. For this purpose, we recommend that you release only the location and general color (NOT MARKINGS!) of the found parrot. You should ensure that the person coming forward claiming the bird can identify the specific breeed and the specific bird (e.g. missing half of toe on left foot). Not all birds (especially breeding stock) will react positively to the true owner, but if the parrot goes crazy when the owbner arrives, you know you've done the right thing.

Good luck - there is a heartbroken owner out there waiting to hear from you!

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