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CAGES & TOYS: Triple Stack Blue AE Breeder Cage

Posted by Rainbow_Exotic_Birdz_Dutchess County NY on 6/16/12

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    $399.00 brand new. ***$175.00 CASH and CARRY***
    AE Cage Triple Stack Bird Cages 24 x 22 x 22. Non-Toxic
    and Bird Safe. Exterior Dimensions: Width 24" Depth 22"
    Height 64 ". Interior Dimensions: Width 23½" Depth 21½"
    Height 20" (each cage). Includes: 3 Separate Cages;
    Removable Grates; 3 locks including 1 key lock; Large
    central door on each cage; Each feeder dish has its own
    door; small side doors.
    Good for: Meyers, Senegal Parrots, Red Belly, Small
    Conures,Pionus, Caiques, Cockatiels.
    ***$175.00 CASH and CARRY*** NO SHIPPING!! NO MEETING!!
    Quality digital photos available. Dutchess County New York

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