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CAGES & TOYS: Petiatric Nursery Hospital

Posted by Wendi/Luling, TX on 7/01/12

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    The Nursery Hospital Brooder 2A and 2B have convenient
    features to make them the most popular models with
    veterinarians, zoos and animal breeders worldwide. The wafer
    assisted mechanical temperature controller is simplicity at
    it's best.

    This Nursery Hospital Brooder is also a great choice for the
    responsible pet owner who wants to be prepared for an
    emergency. Features included with the NH-2A and 2B are a
    humidity tray, an on/off switch, and an auxiliary switch,
    with an inside outlet that can be used for a night light or
    baby monitor.

    Retails for $499.95. Asking $250.00.

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